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Does the floor drain require regular maintenance?

Yes, the floor drain needs regular maintenance.
Floor drain is an important component of the bathroom drainage system. If not maintained and maintained for a long time, it may accumulate harmful substances to the human body, and it may also be blocked, seriously affecting the drainage speed, causing odor or poor water flow.

Therefore, it is recommended to regularly use substances such as vinegar, bleach, toothpaste, etc. to clean the floor drain and maintain its good function. When installing a floor drain, it is also necessary to pay attention to preventing the water seal from drying up. If it is not used for a long time, it is best to seal the floor drain with a cover to reduce water evaporation and also serve as a seal.

In addition, different types of floor drains require different maintenance methods. For example, water sealed floor drains require regular water injection, while self sealed floor drains require regular troubleshooting. When cleaning floor drains, it is generally necessary to first remove debris from the cover plate to prevent debris from entering the sewer and causing blockage. Then remove the cover plate and use a brush to clean the various components of the floor drain, which can be supplemented by some cleaning agents. Finally, disinfect and deodorize the sewer, and then reinstall the floor drain.

When maintaining the floor drain, it is necessary to be careful not to frequently open the sieve cover of the drain to drain water, and not to directly pour food residue into the drain. At the same time, the service life and maintenance cycle of different floor drains also vary, and judgment and maintenance need to be made based on the actual situation.
Therefore, in order to maintain the good function of the floor drain and the normal operation of the bathroom drainage system, it is recommended to regularly maintain and maintain the floor drain.